Which Cannabinoid Would You Choose?

We at Whole Bud LLC tout only the very best of medications from only the whole cannabis bud via use of premier, proprietary and friendly extraction processes – we are the polar opposite of isolated THC distillations or concentrates.

Therefore, let’s look at the primary cannabinoids from the whole of the female marijuana plant (NOT hemp).

On a tangent first, why has it been that the beauty of the whole flower has been allocated to recreational users while medical patients get stems and trim?  Just curious.

So let’s start with the chart referenced from https://www.weedhorn.com/.

As to cannabinoids, you can only choose one.

But remember that when you remove one, that one alone and all the remaining cannabinoids separately are not nearly as therapeutically effective as compared to the whole cannabis bud.

Cannabis Medicinal Chart

  • THC reduces pain as well as nausea and stimulates appetite – OK, good
  • CBD helps with nearly all listed conditions – about as necessary as it gets
  • CBG takes care of bacterial infections and can inhibit cancers – I like that
  • CBCa is an anti-fungal – very important
  • CBN helps you sleep better – trying going without sleep for awhile

The bottom line is that when you remove one of 130 or more cannabinoids, the remainder simply do NOT work the same.  Furthermore, concentrates (marijuana isolates) for the most part negate all of the other thousands of plant oils and associated molecules.

We believe whole-heartedly that you MUST have cannabinoids from the whole flower/bud extracted in a non-volatile manner and delivered with ease and discreetness.

All of the cannabinoids working together synergistically the way nature intended!

As a note, people are catching on that marijuana has POWERFUL healing properties – see link:

Losing Tennesseans to Colorado for direct benefits of using marijuana for medical purposes


Chart of Alcohol vs. Cannabis

Blog image courtesy of http://theaddictionhotline.org/

So which one is it?  Which single cannabinoid do you choose?

In the end, we at Whole Bud LLC emphasize the whole bud marijuana entourage effect –

We say “don’t be ridiculous” – of course, we want them all!

YES, we want ALL of the cannabinoids; and


Because we don’t cut corners when it comes to your health …

Whole Bud LLC

That’s our promise to you = all our products have all cannabinoids all of the time!

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